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Web Application

We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed WEB-ENABLED our existing @utomated Milk Procurement System (@MPS) for our client’s needs. In the development process, the product has gone through various research and development cycle and rigorous testing process, while assuring best of its quality.

Product Features
Web Enabled - You can access in any part of the world
Data Security & Directly stored in Server- So there is No chance of Malfunction
Weigher and Analyzer will be connected to the web page.
Session Based Authentication
Client & Server side Validation
Encrypted Data Storage & Transfer
Customized Reports(Section wise(AM,PM) Period Bill) in pdf format
Fast loading & Data security
Online Data Monitoring
Online data sharing
Online Report generation
Online billing

Window Application

General features of the “Automated Milk Procurement System”

  • Desktop Application
  • User friendly
  • Sophisticated and efficient user interface
  • Fully server integrated/Stand alone (Desktop) System Support
  • Powerful security Feature
  • Hardware Integrated
  • Customized Data Flow for print and to Generate Reports
  • Send Data to Print.

“Automated Dairy Procurement System”

 If you are looking for a User friendly AMPS Package with server enabled package to run in your online modification and creation, “Automated Milk Procurement System” is ideal for you, as it is intended to be used in all browsers, where all users can access the Application. “Automated Milk Procurement System” is easy to setup, easy to use & easy to maintain, two or more users at the same time to access the application.

 “Automated Milk Procurement System” generates bills to all the customers. It gives accurate weight and rate depends upon the milk quality. Milk quality level is calculated by Milk Weighing Machine and Electronic Fat Testing Machine (External Hardware Devices) with help of RS232 interface we can communicate with system and printers.

The Customers can see the weight of the milk in kilograms as well as volume in liters by Milk Weighing Machine. The fat content of the sample milk and SNF is determined in few seconds by The Electronic Fat Testing Machine.

Our System maintains the individual customer records and bill details on a daily basis. Customers may now receive instant bill details for their milk, rather than waiting for days as under the previous system.

Administrator can add N numbers of collection centers and users easily in the network. User have privilege to add the customers. This System keeps the administrator and customer details up-to-date.

The system is designed to reduce the time required for Administrators to track the customer reports and can automate the manual entry. The customer benefits are based on a reliable and transparent measurement of fat content and weight.

Working Environment
Operating Systems - Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 - 32 & 64 Bit
Development Tools - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft SQL Server, Photoshop  CS5, Crystal Report 10.0