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About "amps"

Automated Dairy Procurement System

If you are looking for a User friendly AMPS Package with server enabled package to run in your online modification and creation, 'Automated Milk Procurement System' is ideal for you, as it is intended to be used in all browsers, where all users can access the Application. 'Automated Milk Procurement System' is easy to setup, easy to use & easy to maintain, two or more users at the same time to access the application.


Electronic Worksheet.
Track, manage, and account for Vendors Data on multiple aspects.
No knowledge of Excel formula needed.
Password protection to each individual user with the option to change their password when they covert to.
Password protection for rates and reports.
No one can enter more than 24 hours in a day for their Data Entry.
The customer should not be able to enter their milk weight after 6 A.M. of the next day. If they want to it should be done with the permission from the admin or management. And only with the admin username and password or the management username and password.
Summary report of all weights by customer and Vendors/Supplier.
Admin can take separate reports of each customer details.
Administrator will give cost reports to customer after updated entire process.

User Information

Integrating Hardware (RS 232 INTERFACE) with AMPS
Milk Weight & Fat,SNF Integration
Collaboration Tasks (Integrating Data From Nodes)
Results generation with given Rate Chart.
User Information

Automated Dairy Procurement System projects preserved by three characters are:


Management: Management has all rights to fix Fat and SNF rates, monitor and get report for all the criteria. Create and set privileges for the administrator.

Administrator : Company Admin has rights to create new employee, new Chilling center, etc. Integrating the data from collection. Generating report for all the modules.

EndUser : EndUser can make entry for the milk collection, generate bill for the customers on the collection center.


Milk Weight Integration
Milk weight integration module performs the process of getting the milk weight, Fat and SNF details form the hardware devices to our application. Then it stored in the database for further processing.

Collaboration Task
When all the data collected from the collection center where are added to the admin system database for further reporting process.

Result Generation with given Rate Chart
Rate chart is fixed two dimensional tables like structure which consists of FAT and SNF in tow axis and Consists of rate in the coinciding location. Now the rate chart was maintained in database and generates the rate for appropriate reading.

Project Details:
Automated Dairy Procurement System is used to getting Milk Weighing, Fat and SNF details electronically. It can help to manage bill details, customer details and generate a bill up-to-date. Administrator has the rights to add any number of new collection centre. Administrator can track customer details easily. Customer can get reports anytime after completed updating process . Automated Dairy Procurement System also gives more efficient collection of milk and higher profit for producers.

Here we provide custom reports from the application. Bills for customer, day-by-day milk collection report, center wise milk collection and payment report, individual customer milk collection and payment report , over all milk collection and payment for weekly and monthly report and some custom reports as per need

Cost fixing
This part fully accessed by management only .Here management can fix rate for the FAT and SNF ration according to the rate chart.
Also here management users have the facility to create and implement the new rate chart.

For the development of the system, the following Microsoft technologies and third party software tools were used:

Visual Studio.Net 2005
SQL Server 2005
Crystal Reports

Process Flow Diagram